Web Space, Design & Publishing

The fastest growing part of the Internet, and the area most users find easiest to use, the World Wide Web (WWW) delivers a multimedia world of colour, sound, action and information to your PC screen.  Used for distributing information, education, entertainment, on-line shopping, games, …etc., etc.…  the WWW is the leading edge, constantly bringing new technologies to your fingertips. 

While setting up a personal Web page may be daunting for some, there are those who are able to wade through the appropriate HTML to achieve their desired result. For this reason we offer a variety of approaches to providing a Web hosting service in the Limpopo. 



For those who have the skills to do it themselves, we will provide a fixed amount of disk space on the Web Server.    You can then use this space as you desire.  You are provided with password protected FTP access to drop your pages on to the World Wide Web.  Web space is sold for minimum periods of six months.



We can provide a full design & development service to create a unique a site to effectively impact your target audience.   Or we can provide just as much design assistance as you require.



For those who would prefer someone else to do their HTML programming, all we ask for is for you to provide the content, images, and links together with the layout of your page as a word processor document. Additional pages to following the same style of your initial page are published at a reduced price.   Of course, once the pages are published they do need a home on a Web Server to become accessible for others.



Having a home page is no good if you’re the only one who knows where it is. If we publish your pages, then we will add hidden coding relevant to your target audience and register your main page (at no extra cost) with major Internet search engines (including a South African one).


 Virtual Domains.

 Have http://www.your_company.co.za point to your home page.