ISP E-mail Mail Boxes



These Email boxes allow individuals who have any existing Internet connection to send and receive email anywhere in the world 24hrs a day through a personal email address. Please note that these accounts do not provide Internet connectivity!


For those who only have access to the Internet through work, a friend or local Internet café, it is often difficult to ensure private and secure email facilities, so we provide affordable email accounts that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, through any Internet Service Provider.



For organisations which have a leased line Internet connection but lack the skills or economies of scale to justify setting up their own email server.   We can setup and manage individual email only accounts for your employees, saving you the costs of administering your own email server.   You can now provide affordable email services to individuals and departments on your network giving them access the fast, cheap and efficient means of communication that email provides.



Do business policies limit your access to or use of company email accounts, or your privacy?    By having a private email account (located outside of the company computing infrastructure) you are able to manage your own personal email through any existing Internet connection.



We also conduct comprehensive email training classes, please inquire.



While email supports “attachments” (the sending and receiving of computer files ‘attached’ to an email note), our Email accounts limit attachments to 2Mb per email. Should you need to regularly send larger files, an Internet service called FTP (File Transfer Protocol) will handle those transfers more effectively and efficiently than email. (If interested, please inquire about our FTP service).

Mail boxes can be setup on our standard domains (,, )  or you can register your own domain name – see our Domain registaration information sheet